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Dennis R. Holmes, MD, FACS

Dr. Dennis Holmes

Dennis R. Holmes, MD, FACS, is a fellowship-trained, dedicated breast surgeon. He holds leadership positions in multiple national breast cancer treatment societies, formerly served as Director of the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine Breast Surgeon Training Program chairs two nationalmulticenter clinical trials, and is recognized internationally as a breast cancer educator and breast cancer treatment innovator.

Whereas most breast surgeon aim to practice the standard of care, Dr. Holmes is actively involved in raising the standard of care to improve the effectiveness of cancer therapy while also reducing its short and long-term side effects.   Dr. Holmes has expertise in nipple sparing mastectomy, oncoplastic surgery (lumpectomy combined with breast lift or reduction), intraoperative radiotherapy, cryoablation (cancer freezing), and lymphatic mapping to reduce lymphedema risk at the time of lymph node surgery.

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